Knowing Andi Eigenmann & Philmar Alipayo’s Relationship In This Vlog

Netizens enjoy latest vlog from Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo.

ANDI EIGENMANN – People have these reactions as Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo finally opened up about their relationship.

Despite not being on the spotlight anymore, actress Andi Eigenmann has found her way to reach the people and her fans in her own conditions through vlogging. It is in this way that she gets to share bits of her life with her kids and her partner surfer Philmar Alipayo.

After she left the industry and people got to know her more in her video blogs, a lot of them have got to love her more especially now being with Philmar. She seems really happy and contented with Philmar. The sense of being simply genuine and in real bliss without all the grand and expensive things are just some that’s so admirable about her now.

And just recently, in her recent vlog, she and her partner opened up about their relationship finally and answered some questions from the people. The whole vlog is just solely about the two of them and their stories. They shared how they first met, how well they know each other, their failures, the fights they have, and the things they learned from each other.

One highlight from the whole vlog was when Andi finally addressed the basher of her partner where they would always criticize him for his skin color and being “probinsyano”. Andi corrected this thought and defended her partner saying that success doesn’t come in expensive things but in the happiness and contentment that they actually have now.

She even added that happiness is all that matters to them and while people are being mean despite not knowing their real story, there they are being happy living in that island together and their kids with them.

Watch the video below:

Here are some netizens’ reactions about this feel-good vlog:

I want a partner who would catch me dinner instead of buying dinner aswell….. 😁😁😁

i can see how in love andi is, she is really red talking about how they started :)) well same din naman madali ako mahiya when talking about emotional chuchu hahaha i’m so happy for her

This q&a is the most honest video i’ve ever seen with artista. Ang gaan ng feeling. God bless your relationship andi and philmar.


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