Andi Eigenmann’s Boyfriend

Andi Eigenmann's Boyfriend Philmar Alipayo

Who is Andi Eigenmann’s boyfriend and how did they meet? ANDI EIGENMANN’S BOYFRIEND – Meet professional surfer Philmar Alipayo, the partner of actress and celebrity vlogger Andi Eigenmann. The relationship of Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo is visibly one of those that inspired many people. It is undeniable that the couple is very happy in … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Slams Netizen Complaining About Her “Nakakaumay” Ads

Andi Eigenmann

Actress Andi Eigenmann slams this basher. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous personality Andi Eigenmann has this reaction when commented to her ads post saying it’s “nakakaumay”. Celebrities are often the faces of products we see everywhere. This is because of their status, their reputation, and the familiarity they hold to the public. The more popular someone … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Finally Speaks About Issues with Albie Casino

Andi Eigenmann

Actress Andi Eigenmann says she already apologized to Albied Casino after their issues. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous personality Andi Eigenmann finally speaks about Albie Casino and their controversial issues and relationship before. At the peak of his career, actor Albie Casino including his reputation got ruined following the accusations of Andi Eigenmann. He was accused … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Reveals Something About Pechay Photo w/ Philmar

Andi Eigenmann

Famous actress Andi Eigenmann has this clarification over circulating photos online. ANDI EIGENMANN – Well-loved actress Andi Eigenmann has a clarification regarding pechay photo with partner Philmar Alipayo. For any new couple, flowers is something common that a boy can give to a girl. But it’s a different case for actress Andi Eigenmann and her … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Photo Creates Buzz Online, Is It Photoshopped?

Andi Eigenmann

Here’s the photo of Andi Eigenmann which created buzz online. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous celebrity Andi Eigenmann has this photo online which has created buzz online. Is this photoshopped or not? Actress Andi Eigenmann is currently based in Siargao with her boyfriend surfer Philmar Alipayo and their child. She left the glam of lime light … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Reveals Name of Baby w/ Philmar Alipayo

Andi Eigenmann, Philmar Alipayo Baby

Andi Eigenmann, Philmar Alipayo Welcome Baby Girl – Actress Reveals Name ANDI EIGENMANN – Former actress Andi Eigenmann revealed the name of her baby with Philmar Alipayo. Babies are bundles of joy and, recently, Andi Eigenmann and her partner, surfer Philmar Alipayo, welcomed their bundle of joy – a baby girl. It was in July … Read more