Emman Nimedez Death Premonition? King Badger Reveals These

Are these premonitions from Emman Nimedez about his sad and early death?

EMMAN NIMEDEZ – Jon Gutierrez a.k.a King Badger has this shivering realizations after making a video as a tribute to late Emman Nimedez.

With a staggering over Php 2 million hospital bill when Emman Nimedez died, his girlfriend, Peachy Santos and his friends were asking financial help from everyone for due to the unpaid amount, his body cannot be discharged. Last August 14, Friday, he was rushed the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and in a critical condition, due to blood complications and kidney failure.


August 16, 2020, 1 a.m., he died with his family with. And now, in order to make a dent for the huge amount to be paid, his fellow and close vlogger who became his friends are finding ways to help him and his family. Among them is Jon Gutierrez also known as King Badger.


He made a reaction video to old videos he made with Emman to which the proceeds of the video will be given to his family. It will also serve as a tribute to him, his long-time friend. Throughout the video, King Badger couldn’t seem to contain the heaviness of his loss watching Emman so alive in the videos but has not left all of them.

However, as he ended the video, one realization hit him which made him shiver and he dexcribed as “nakakakilabot”. In all the featured videos, Emman’s role would often portray as someone who always loses consciousness or a character who would always die first,

Watch the video below:

And here are some of the comments from the post:

I realised nowadays that no matter how sh*t t*lk*r King Badger is, there is always a soft side of him. He loves the people who loves him. Hindi sya nakakalimot.

Why do good people need to die….like he’s an inocent man, he doesn’t need to die😔 RIP EMMAN you will be in our hearts forever❤️😔

Crying while laughing while watching this. Everything feels so nostalgic. Solid Emman!❤️😭


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