Emman Nimedez Girlfriend Peachy Writes Heartbreaking Post

Peachy Santos message for Emman Nimedez, her late boyfriend.

EMMAN NIMEDEZ – Famous Pinoy vlogger Emman Nimedez died due to cancer and his girlfriend Peachy Santos wrote this message for him.

“Our beloved Emman Nimedez joined our Creator at 1:00 a.m. today, August 16, 2020, Sunday. He was with his family during the time of his passing at St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City.” – This is the statement Peachy Santos has written in Emman Nimedez Facebook page which broke lots of hearts.


Peachy Santos is the girlfriend of the 21-year-old famous vlogger and filmmaker. He died due to acute myeloid leukemia. Peachy and Emman have been together for four years. And it was mentioned in their previous vlogs that she was a fan of him.

And four (4) years of being together is already quite a long time. They did so much together and people have already marked it in their heads that if there’s Emman, there will be Peachy. Now, grieving and her hearts in pieces, Peachy wrote a message for him that brought many people to tears.


mamimiss ko lang yung mga “luto mo ko..” “goodmorning baba vlog na tayo..” “galing mo na mag edit ha” “ang taba ng pisngi mo pero love kita at maganda ka” “ano gusto mo food?” “masaya ako dahil nandito ka sa tabi ko”

Peachy wrote after she thanked him for everything that he did for her – for his support, love, and guidance for her that all helped her become the person that she is now. But what she cannot neglect is the pain and being broken. She can clearly remember his “mahal kita” to her before he went away. He loves he until his last breath.

hindi pa to ang huling pag kikita natin. sa kabilang buhay hahanapin kita agad at yayakapin.



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