Julia Barretto Reveals Planning To See Doctor in Newest Vlog

Julia Barretto’s Latest Vlog Reveals Actress Plans To See Doctor

JULIA BARRETTO – The young Kapamilya actress revealed in her “morning routine” vlog that she is planning to see a doctor.

Undeniably, one of the most successful young stars in the Philippine entertainment industry now is actress Julia Barretto. She is the daughter of former actress Marjorie Barretto and comedian Dennis Padilla.

Marjorie and Dennis separated and Julia and her siblings, Claudia and Leon, lived with their mom. It was just recently when the actress moved out of their family’s house.

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Julia had a lot of hit projects most especially her projects with her former loveteam partner and boyfriend, Joshua Garcia. They top-billed the movies Love You To The Stars And Back; Vince and Kath and James; Block Z; and I Love You, Hater.

Collectively called as JoshLia, the two (2) celebrities rose to fame and more and more projects came their way. Visibly, their hardwork has contributed a lot to their lives now.

Julia Barretto now has her own house. It is located close to her family’s house as she still wanted to see her mother and her siblings often. She usually visits them at their family’s house.


Julia Barretto is one of the celebrities with a YouTube channel. Her most recent vlog revealed the morning routine of the actress. It also revealed that she is planning to see a doctor.

According to Julia, she thinks her back hurts because of having not enough stretching or not doing the right exercises. She works out alone at home with no instructor.

With regards to her morning routine, the young actress fixes her bed; does facial cleansing and fixes her hair; cooks breakfast; eat; does work out and prepare and drink lemonade after; washes the dishes; and takes shower.

In her newest vlog, Julia shared that she just received her award from YouTube. She expressed her gratitude to everyone who helped her achieve it admitting that she is new to vlogging.

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