Gorgeous Lady Found Dead Inside Her Car in Calamba, Laguna

Gorgeous Lady w/ Multiple Wounds Due to Stabbing Incident Found Dead Inside Her Car

A gorgeous lady identified as Jang Lucero has been found dead inside her own car along the Bypass Road in Calamba, Laguna.

The 34-year-old lady driver has been found dead in her car due to a stabbing incident in Calamba, Laguna. The woman died after suffering multiple wounds after stabbed by an unidentified suspect.

The female victim is temporarily working as a private driver who brings passengers to their point of destination. Jang decided to work as a driver after losing her job during the coronavirus-related lockdown.

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Gorgeous Lady

Angela Lucero said that her daughter Jang bought the car last February 2020 and used it to earn money after losing her job due to the pandemic. She also expressed her pain after the untimely death of her daughter.

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“Ang sakit… yung mga alaala naming dalawa [kapag] maalala ko, masakit,” Angela said.

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Gorgeous Lady

Jang’s girlfriend Meyah Amatorio said that she last saw the victim before bringing her passengers from Laguna to Gil Puyat in Metro Manila. Since then, the victim is not responding to Meyah’s messages.

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After a few moments, the police authorities answered the call and told the lady driver’s family about the gruesome crime. The cops also found out that nothing is missing from Jang’s belongings.

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