Blood Plasma: Only 19 Coronavirus Survivors Donated Blood To PGH

Only 19 Coronavirus Survivors Donated Blood Plasma To Philippine General Hospital

BLOOD PLASMA – The spokesperson of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) said they have collected blood plasma from 19 coronavirus survivors.

In a previous article, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte urged all COVID-19 survivors to donate their blood to the Philippine General Hospital. Their blood could save the lives of severely ill patients.

On April 9, three (3) COVID-19 survivors went to PGH and donated their blood plasma. PGH spokesperson Dr. Jonas Del Rosario lauded the 3 coronavirus survivors. He said “the first 3 brave and healthy COVID-19 Filipino survivors generously donated their blood for the Convalescent Plasma Therapy vs COVID-19 to the Philippine General Hospital. They rose above the stigma and showed the world that their plasma is a gift of life.”

Photo Source: Philippine Star

Veteran columnist Lolit Solis said actor Christopher de Leon told her that he was planning to donate his blood to PGH to help other COVID-19 patients. He recovered from the disease on April 14.

Photo Source: Johns Hopkins University

Based on a report from GMA News, the spokesperson of PGH said they have collected 19 blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors. He shared that 60 people pledged to donate but some of them weren’t able to push through.

“One is the donor themselves they did not qualify because of our criteria. Some of them will probably qualify in a few days time,” said Dr. Del Rosario.

Photo Source: Johns Hopkins University

According to the report, a blood donor should be at least 2 weeks asymptomatic and have recovered completely. Their blood contains antibodies. The plasma transfusion is reportedly used in South Korea and China.

Meanwhile, the researchers in France are planning to test nicotine patches on COVID-19 frontliners and patients.

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