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Blood Samples From Recovered Patients For Potential COVID-19 Cure

Blood Samples From Recovered Patients For Potential COVID-19 Cure

PGH Needs Blood Samples From Recovered Patients For Possible Cure

BLOOD SAMPLES FROM RECOVERED PATIENTS – The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) urged recovered COVID-19 patients to donate their blood.

In China, scientists and researchers had also asked recovered patients to donate blood samples. As such, antibodies were extracted from the plasma taken from recovered

Additionally, experiments showed that the antibodies were found to be effective in killing COVID-19.

Blood Samples From Recovered Patients For Potential COVID-19 Cure
Image from: Aljazeera

The plasma product to treat the novel coronavirus is made from plasma loaded with antibodies donated by recovered patients. It went through virus inactivation and was tested against virus-neutralizing antibodiues and multiple pathogenic microorganisms.

Meanwhile, PGH Spokesperson Jonas del Rosario explained that they wanted to do the same process as China did. He said that blood from convalescent patients, plasma, to be precise, contains antibodies against the virus.

Furthermore, according to an article from Inquirer, the FDA Stated that convalescent plasma containing antibodies to COVID-19 may be effective versus the disease. As of yesterday, the Philippines had reported 52 recovered coronavirus patients.

Moreover, del Rosario urged the recovered patients to contact Dr. Sandy Maganito through 0917 805 3207. In addition, the donors would undergo the usual blood screening steps to see if they are fit to donate.

However, the PGH Spokesperson emphasized that their initiative was independent from the World Health Organization’s Solidarity Trial. Here, the Philippines is joining to find treatments for COVID-19.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic had infected over 1 million people worldwide. Additionally, the virus was responsible for over 59,000 fatalities. Meanwhile, 228,923 have recovered from the virus.

In the Philippines, WHO had estimated that the number of infected might balloon to over 70,000. Along with this, a death toll of over 2,000.

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