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Game-changing medicines for coronavirus treatment

Coronavirus Treatment – These four medicines are now considered as game-changers when it comes to treating the new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

When the pandemic hit many parts of the globe, this brought new challenge to medical practitioners as the virus is unlikely to what they have encountered before. As of press time, experts have not discovered yet how to kill the virus.

However, they have a fair idea of how to neutralize the effect of the virus until it will come to its self-limiting timeline, just like other viral infections, based on the article by Rafael Castillo, MD in Inquirer Lifestyle.

coronavirus treatment
Photo credit: Thailand Medical News

According to Dr. Castillo, there are four game-changing medicines for coronavirus treatment –  hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin, tocilizumab, and high-dose melatonin.

He said that hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin deals with the virus directly while the damaging effects of the virus on the body is being neutralized by the tocilizumab and high-dose melatonin.

The two latter medicines are not viricidal. That means they can’t kill the virus. However, they can protect all the organs of the body especially the lungs from the fatal effects of the new coronavirus. Dr. Castillo likened this to the houses in Batanes. The stone houses cannot prevent the storm but they can protect the people living inside.

The physician also shared that they gave high-dose melatonin to several adult patients with respiratory distress syndrome and they survived. Another incident that he shared was when the COVID-19 patient father of a young cardiologist was about to be intubated because the drugs given to him did not work, high-dose melatonin was given for three days and the patient got better. After nine days, he was sent home.

“We’re reporting our experience in a scientific journal, so hopefully, it could help save some COVID-19 patients, especially the elderly, who are reportedly left to die in some cities in Italy and Spain, so that doctors could allocate their resources to younger patients. If this information could save a few of these lives, it shall have been worth all that we’ve gone through convincing our local colleagues about it,” Dr. Castillo said in his article.

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