Hardworking Grandma Refuses To Receive Help Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Hardworking Grandma Refuses To Get Any Help From Both Government & Charitable Institutions Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

A hardworking grandma refused to receive help from the government and private individuals amid the rampant spread of coronavirus disease and lockdown.

A lot of countries are already implementing stricter rules and regulations as a preventive measure against the new coronavirus. The deadly virus continues to spread in various countries all around the world.

Many nations have already imposed lockdown and enhanced community quarantine to prevent the further spread of the contagious disease. The government of different countries was also providing financial help to the affected residents.

Hardworking Grandma

Recently, a 72-year-old grandma identified as Huang Lai Mei of Seremban, Malaysia refused to accept help from the government or from private individuals amid the health crisis. Huang is not accepting food packs and donations claiming that she is still healthy.

Huang is selling snacks for several years and has been known as “Snacks Grandma”. The friendly vendor pushes her cart everyday to sell various types of snacks to the residents.

Hardworking Grandma

However, Malaysia has implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO), which is similar to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the Philippines. The MCO restricts the lady vendor to sell as residents were advised to stay at home.

Hardworking Grandma

Charitable institutions and local government units were distributing relief goods, food packs, and even cash aid to the affected residents but the hardworking grandma refuse to accept it.

Huang Lai Mei said that there are some people who deserve the help more than her. Her actions surprise everyone since many people are blaming the government for not providing enough food.

I have enough food to feed myself. If I take what is offered to me, it will deprive others of the food. Besides, I am physically able to support myself. I have hands and feet, I can still support myself,” Huang said.

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