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Review of Hindi Tayo Pwede, a movie from Viva Films

Hindi Tayo Pwede Movie Review – A film about dealing with “ghosting” featuring Lovi Poe, Tony Labrusca, and Marco Gumabao.

Lovi played the role of Gabby or Gab for short and Tony played the character of her boyfriend who is also nicknamed Gabby for his name is Gabriel. Marco gave life to the character of Dennis, the best friend of Gab. However, a point in the movie gave Dennis an opportunity to confess his real feelings for Gab.

hindi tayo pwede movie review
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The love story of Gab and Gabriel faced a tragedy when the latter had a car accident. Gab was devastated as she loves her boyfriend so much. A year after the accident, Dennis found the courage to say to Gab that she is more than a friend for him.

However, Gab is still so attached to Gabby and perhaps that kind of attachment conjured a flesh-and-blood Gabriel, back into her life. The ghost element in the story could be a commendable twist in the story if only writer Ricky Lee and director Joel Lamangan did it with fluidity.

Based on the review did by the site, the ghost scenes were inconsistent. In one scene, Gabriel’s ghost was able to open and close the car door while in the other one showed that people are just passing through his body. There was even a point that he was able to hold Gab.

The movie was not able to establish also if the ghost of Gabriel came from Gab’s strength of not letting go of the love of her life or if he is a restless soul who is still attached to his previous life.

The movie critic also stressed out that Hindi Tayo Pwede should’ve received an R-13 rating and not PG from the MTRCB since it has two daring scenes. Furthermore, the scenes where the protagonists seemed to be criticizing the general theme of the movie, which is not moving on, is quite a minus point since the whole story is about that.

The acting of the lead stars in the movie could not be labeled “superb” as they appeared to be constraint inside a box of the silliness of the story flow.

Watch the trailer.

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