BLACKPINK: Latina Superstar Thalia Wants To Collaborate W/ K-Pop Group

Latina Superstar Thalia Wants To Collaborate W/ BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK – Latina actress Thalia said she wants to collaborate with the Korean all-girl group, BLACKPINK.

South Korean all-girl group BLACKPINK is one of the famous Asian artists who dominated the world. The group is composed of Jisoo, Lisa, Rose and Jennie. They are the performers behind the hit songs “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “BOOMBAYAH,” and “Kill this Love.”

They already have billions of fans all over the world. They had a concert in the Philippines last year. Their concert is considered as one of the most successful concerts in the Philippines ever.

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In a previous article, BLACKPINK’s Rose was spotted hanging out with supermodels Cara Delevigne and Kaia Gerber. The Korean superstar shared their lovely pictures on her Instagram stories. Her fans couldn’t help but gush over their selfies.

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Based on a report from PUSH, Latin pop superstar Thalia revealed that she’s a big fan of BLACKPINK during her interview with Forbes. She even wants to collaborate with the K-pop group.

The 48-year-old actress said she doesn’t just like the group, she loves them. “I love BLACKPINK!” she remarked.

Photo Source: @blackpinkofficial

According to the report, Thalia dropped big news for her fans revealing she would love to collaborate BLACKPINK. She even said she would do the promo in South Korea with them.

“That’s my next collab. That should be my next f*c*ing collab!”

“Let’s do it, I’ll DM them! And then let’s do the promo there. I believe the Korean music community also loves Latin music. They love to dance, they’re very passionate about our culture, and I feel like they understand our aura. Now I’m excited!”

The Latina superstar is famous in the Philippine for her soap operas Rosalinda, Maria Mercedes, and Marimar.

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