Judy Ann Santos Talks About “Adopted Daughter” Yohan Asking About Biological Parents

Judy Ann Santos shares story of Yohan.

JUDY ANN SANTOS – “Mindanao” actress Judy Ann Santos reveals and shares the story of how she got her first blessing, her daughter Yohan.

One of the famous personalities who had an adopted child before getting married is Judy Ann Santos. It was Yohan and she had her when she was 26 years old which is the time always and desperately prayed to God to give her a child already because she wanted to be with her baby as she grows up. And it was really meant to be because as she did “Krystala”, Yohan came and just went home one day as a mother.


During her “Krystala” days was when she met her husband now Ryan Agoncillo who love Yohan just as much as she loved her. There was never a time that they made her feel out of place or being singled out just because she never came from her.


In an interview with Boy Abunda, she shared that there are times Yohan was asking her about her biological parents and their whereabouts. However, she doesn’t know a thing a them. But for the love for her daughter, if one djay Yohan asked them to search for his parent to fill a void and answer her questions, they are more than willing to do it for her because it is her right.

She said, “Hindi mo naman siya pinagdadamot pero from that time she asked me that question I was preparing myself every day. Lord dumating man yung time na maging seryoso na ‘tong batang ‘to, prepare mo kami. Kasi hindi ko siya ipagkakait sa ganun. [Pero ang sakit.]”

Watch the interview below:

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