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Disappointed Bank Client Exposes New Online Scam After Losing Her Savings

A disappointed bank client loses a certain amount from her savings and exposed the new online scam victimizing bank account holders.

Nowadays, many people rely their daily transactions and businesses in different bank companies all around the world. Online bank transactions give an easier, faster, and more convenient quality of service to the clients.

However, several bank clients have already expressed their complaint after losing a certain amount of cash due to fraudulent acts and other online schemes. Bank companies advised the public to be more aware and careful with their transactions.

Disappointed Bank Client

A Facebook user named Wendie Ross Lpt shared that she loses some of her savings due to new online phishing. She did now even approved of any of those transactions and did not know how the fraud really happened.

Wendie revealed that it all started when she received a certain email that exactly looks the same as her regular BPI emails. The message required her to log in asking for OTP code without knowing that it allows fund transfer to an unknown Paymaya Account.

After a few moments, she received an email confirming a successful Interbank Fund Transfer to Paymaya Account that she didn’t even recognize.

Here are the screenshots of the fraudulent act:

Disappointed Bank Client

Here is the full post:

Wed, Dec 4 2019 at 08:22:10 AM. I AM A VICTIM OF BPI ONLINE PHISHING.

My bank account made online bank transfer with an amount of PHP 15,551.00 to an Unknown Paymaya Account.

I did not even approve any of these transactions.
I did not know how this happened.
There are people who are secretly making some fraudulent acts online.

It started when I received an email advising me to update my mobile number immediately or else my bpi account will be closed. I rejected these emails since they were routed to my SPAM FOLDER but there is this one email who successfully made its way on my Inbox and so I thought it was legit.

It looks exactly the same as my regular BPi emails and it routed me to log in on my online banking account. Upon registering, it asked me to input my OTP code to successfully log in without knowing that OTP code is allowing a fund transfer to this said Paymaya account. After few seconds, I received a separate email confirming my successful Interbank Fund Transfer to Paymaya Account that I dont even recognize.

I immediately reported it to the BPI branch near me, they just told me they will investigate about it but no guarantee of refund. I visited another bpi branch, but they only gave me the same advise that they might not be able to give me refund due to the fraudulent act I experienced and that they dont have any hold of it. They are very unwlling to help me. And with that, I dont feel being valued as a customer here.

Only then, I found numerous victims posted the same online phishing experience they had. And up to now, BPI did not do anything about it. Unless BPI patches their system, victims of this phishing incidents will just pile up. Hacker managed to infiltrate BPI’s system protocol to execute the debit victim / credit hacker scheme.

I am currently working with ANTI-CYBERCRIME Investigation, Paymaya & BPI Fraud Team. I will do whatever it takes to get back the money I lost.

And to you, ONLINE SCAMMERS, May you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and may u enjoy my hard earned money u easily earned! 😡😠🤬 🤬🤬

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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