PHOTO: Netizen Warns Public Of Text Scam Disabling You From Using Your Sim

Photo Of Netizen Warning Public Of Text Scam Disabling You From Using Your Sim

TEXT SCAM – A netizen recently warned the public of the ongoing text scam which disables your sim from accessing the network.

Image from: Kim Komando Show

Mobile scams are still everywhere and it doesn’t take a technology genius to know that it is a scam. But what will happen if we overlooked a tiny detail of a somewhat legit but fishy message?

This happened to a netizen named Lei Ramirez when she was unable to access her network and realized that her bank account was also hacked.

In her post, she began by saying that it happened at about 3 PM in October 26 (Saturday) when she received a call that claims that he came from Smart Telecom and they are currently updating.

The number instructed her to type something and send to a four digit number to get the pin, which she complied, thinking it was legit.

Minutes later, her network stopped working, which she further confirmed when she asked her boardmate to ring her number. She then warned her family not to contact her hacked number.

She eventually bought a new sim and realized that her bank account, which is linked to her hacked number, had transferred money to a certain account and sent another for pick-up and enrolled various numbers for reload.

Ramirez contacted the bank, which was BDO, and realized that the transactions was made one hour after she received the call. BDO then froze her account to prevent any money taken.

She, then deleted her old number to all her linked accounts. Ramirez clarified that it is still under investigation and warned the public of the scam.

Here is the full post on Facebook:

The post gained 4.5K reactions and 14K shares. Netizens further reminded the netizen that it is easy to know to tell that it came from the respective telecom if the message came from SMART or GLOBE. Here are the following comments:

“I don’t want to blame the person but HELLO!! it’s a regular number that texted you…isn’t it too obvious that it’s japeyk???”

Leina Nayle on Facebook

“hirap maging hindi matalino ano? kaya pag igihan nyo sa school para di mabiktima ng ganito.
increase your logic guys.”

Vic Anthony Leriorato on Facebook

“Malalaman mo naman kasi kung Smart/Globe yan. Hindi cp number ang sender, either SMART/GLOBE ang nkalagay sa sender or ung 4-digit mumber.”

Krismina Marie Santiago on Facebook

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