Delivery Rider to Customer: “Wag nyo kmi idamay mga rider kung na scam kayo”

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Expresses Dismay After Customer Accused Him as “Scammer” for Receiving Wrong Item A delivery rider has expressed his disappointment to his customer blaming him over ‘bogus’ parcel: “Wag nyo kmi idamay mga rider kung na scam kayo”. A Facebook user named Henry Macajilos has shared the video footage of his customer who blamed … Read more

Delivery Rider Cries After Scammed “Maghapon kong pinagpaguran na-scam pako”

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Gets Emotional and Bursts Into Tears After He Was Scammed A delivery rider gets emotional and bursts into tears after he was scammed “Maghapon kong pinagpaguran na-scam pako”. Over the past few years, a lot of delivery riders have been expressing their concern regarding scammers making fake bookings. Most of them lose cash … Read more

Taxi Driver who Scammed SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Hong On Search

Authorities Searching for Taxi Driver who Scammed SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Hong The authorities are now searching for the taxi driver who allegedly scammed Joshua Hong, a member of the K-Pop band SEVENTEEN. The taxi driver who overcharged the K-pop artist has been identified by the airport authorities. The 26-year-old Korean-American heartthrob allegedly said on a livestream … Read more

Consumer Gets Scammed After Paying Parcel She Did Not Ordered


Lady Consumer Airs Dismay After Scammed for Paying Parcel She Did Not Ordered SCAM ALERT – A lady consumer expresses disappointment after she was scammed for paying a parcel she did not ordered. A lady customer named Abbey Federez has expressed her disappointment after she was victimized by a scam. The latter paid for a … Read more

Customer Nearly Stabs Delivery Rider After Scammed by Seller


Video of Customer Who Nearly Stabs Delivery Rider After Scammed by Seller Goes Viral Online A male customer nearly stabbed a delivery rider after he was scammed by an online seller and received the wrong item. Nowadays, a lot of delivery riders have been complaining about rude and cruel customers. Some clients usually expressed their … Read more

Experts Remind Online Shoppers to Read Reviews First Before Placing Order

Online Shoppers

Online Shoppers Reminded to Read Reviews First Before Making Orders The experts reminded online shoppers to read reviews first before making orders to avoid being scammed. Technology editor Art Samaniego instructed the public to conduct a background check and strictly review the products they were planning to purchase. Most sellers were posting good-quality products in … Read more

Desperate Man Caught on Camera Performing Bundol Scam Modus

Desperate Man

Video of Desperate Man Performing Bundol Scam Modus Earns Criticisms Online A desperate man has been caught on camera performing the notorious ‘Bundol scam modus’ with the aim to extort money from his victim. Nowadays, a lot of scammers have already scattered in different parts of the world including the Philippines. The heartless criminals are lurking in … Read more

Delivery Riders Caught Heartless Scammer Victimizing Delivery Workers

Delivery Riders

Video of Delivery Riders Who Captured Heartless Scammer Victimizing Delivery Employees Earns Reactions Online HEARTLESS SCAMMER – Raging delivery rider have caught the heartless scammer victimizing delivery workers with his scheme. Over the past few years, a lot of delivery riders are expressing their frustrations after victimized by fake bookings and order cancelations. Riders usually earn nothing … Read more