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Translate English To Tagalog “Coruscate”

TRANSLATE ENGLISH TO TAGALOG – What is the Tagalog or Filipino translation of the word “coruscate”?

The universal language, English, is filled countless words. Due to the huge number, a lot are rarely used in normal conversation. Let us take for example the word “coruscate”.

In this article, we will review the meaning of the word “coruscate”. We will also discover its counterpart in Tagalog or the Filipino language.

What is “coruscate”?

Based on Lexico Dictionary, the word “coruscate” refers to sparkle or flash. It is a verb and is often associated with light.

 What is “coruscate” in Tagalog?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know the Tagalog translation of the word coruscate.

English to Tagalog
= Kumukutitap

Examples of sentences using the word coruscate:

1. The red and blue lights coruscated to the walls making the surroundings really look elegant.

2. Lady Muffin was impressed by the coruscating lights at the event.

3. Meagan was speechless when Xander went in with coruscating attire.

4. The principal wanted the event to be simple – no colorful backgrounds, coruscating lights, and loud music.

5. All the houses in the village were decorated with coruscating lights as September started.

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang kumukutitap:

1. Lahat ng mga bombilyang kumukutitap ay pinaalis ng matandang may-ari ng bahay.

2. Ang mga kumukutitap na ilaw ang nagpaganda sa selebrasyon sa nayon.

3. Hindi maalis-alis ang tingin ng bata sa mga kumukutitap na ilaw.

4. Walong kumukutitap na ilaw ang inilagay sa Christmas Tree.

5. Masakit sa mata ang mga kumukutitap na ilaw na ginamit sa likurang bahagi ng entablado kaya ipinatanggal ito ng guro.

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