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Know these smartphone tips that focus on the wrong things that people do with their phones

SMARTPHONE TIPS – Most people might not notice that they are doing these wrong things with their personal phones.

Cellular phones, mobile phones or smartphones have become a necessity in the modern lives of people around the globe right now. This small gadget can practically do a lot of things. More than just a device for sending and receiving messages and calls, phones can now do banking, shopping, and a lot more.

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However, mobile phone users should take note of these things that they are doing wrong, based on the article from Good Housekeeping.

Slouching and staring

Your head weighs 10 to 12 pounds and when you slouch and stare for a long time at your phone, can increase forces on the neck by five times or more. With this, you can develop poor posture and pain. It can also strain your neck and back ligaments.

Instead of slouching, make sure to straighten up your back and hold your phone at chest height. Do this with your head up, chest open and shoulder blades back. Don’t forget to take a break because your neck is not supposed to remain unmoved for a long period of time. If you are reading from your phone or tablet, take time to stop and move your head up and down, left to right.

Treating your phone as a toy

A Kent State University study found that people who spend unusually long hours with their phones may not have the ability to entertain themselves without it. Those who are not frequent users can easily detach themselves from the gadget and do other worthwhile activities such as reading and exercising.

Keeping it at work

According to research from the University of Southern Maine having your smartphone at your work desk is very distracting even if you turned off the notification. The research stated that those students who have their phones where they can be seen have a hard time focusing on their tasks compared to those who have their phones hidden.

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