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Here are the things concerning the social media etiquette on Facebook

Social Media Etiquette – People should observe etiquette when using social media platforms, such as Facebook that is considered as the most popular platform.

Through the advent of technology, more and more people are using social media for various purposes. However, there are those users who are irresponsible or they have no idea that certain etiquette is also being observed in the online community.

social media etiquette facebook
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Here the social media etiquette for Facebook, based on the article from Reader’s Digest.

Never use this a medium to air your views publicly

“Political subjects are touchy, and things tend to look black or white on social media when there are no facial or vocal cues to assist people in interpreting your message,” Toronto etiquette expert Louise Fox said. You can say your views online regarding religion and politics but keep it light. Political rants on social media are not advisable.

Never divulge too much about your personal life

Posting photos showing gory details of a medical condition or what happened when you and your friends got drunk is also a big no-no. Wendy Mencel, director of the Canadian School of Protocol and Etiquette said, “Even if your privacy settings limit your posts to your friends, one of them might have a public page, so all the world can see them.” 

Never publicly criticized a “friend”

Some light teasing can be OK between people who know and understand each other fairly well but meanness or nitpicking with an audience is never appropriate,” according to Fox. That person may get offended. Instead of doing this publicly, deal with it privately. You can always use the private or direct message to call out the attention of that “friend”.

Never use this a bait for customers

Unfriending on Facebook happens most of the time if a certain user is so aggressive to sell a certain product. “Tapping your Facebook network for sales is an abuse of the “friendship”. If you want to promote your business, it’s better to create a Facebook page for it so people can opt-in or out,” Mencel explained.

Never try to keep up with the ‘Joneses’

The English idiom “keeping up with the Joneses” means the comparison to one’s neighbor as a benchmark for social class or the accumulation of material goods. Facebook should not be a venue for this. This platform is a place where most people highlight their good traits and strength. However, it is inevitable that there are those who are doing the “fakebooking” in order to maintain their painted image on social media. “You only see the best parts; you don’t see the whole story, the ending or the bloopers. If your mood is negatively affected by looking at friends’ pages on Facebook, be mindful that they’re likely not posting unpleasant stuff that is happening to them,” Phoenix Deerhawke, a registered psychologist in Calgary said.

Never beg for attention

Sometimes, FB users would post about their “worst day ever” or “this is devastating”. For some, it could mean that it is simply asking a motivating response from their friends. However, for some people, this could sound pathetic and the person is just seeking attention. “Are you posting something that you really want other people to know about you or is it just self-serving, like seeking compliments for your latest selfie?” Fox stated.

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