Car Driver Punches Lady Back Rider During Intense Road Rage

Car Driver Punching Lady Back Rider During Intense Road Rage Caught on Camera

The video footage of a car driver who punched a lady back rider on motorcycle during an intense road rage goes viral online.

Road rage incident has been one of the most common traffic problems in the Philippines over the past few years. Hot-headed and short-tempered motorists are usually involved in traffic altercations.

The Philippine government and traffic authorities are already implementing stricter rules and regulations to control the flow of traffic and also to prevent traffic altercations that usually leads to road rage incidents.

Car Driver

Recently, the Facebook page “MUklo” has shared the video footage of an intense road rage incident between a car driver and a motorcycle rider. The traffic altercations leads into a fist fight.

In the video, it can be seen that the vehicle driver suddenly punched the lady back rider during a road rage. The motorcycle rider tried to fight back but some of the residents arrived and stopped them.

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Watch the video for full details:

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