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Boyfriend tips about the things that make them angry.

BOYFRIEND TIPS – Here are some tips for boyfriends out there and the things that make their girlfriends get mad for always.

Sometimes, girls tend to change mood just as fast as the ticking clock. And it is surely because of a particular reason their boyfriends have no clue about at all. And to give you guys a little hint that upsets your girl, we listed it all down below.

Boyfriend Tips

Here are the things that make your girlfriend mad but you probably don’t know yet:

  • Women hate it when you spread your legs so wide that you take up all the spaces. Perhaps, to avoid her getting irritated at you, you might want to have those legs a little closer.
  • There’s a reason why waiters in restaurant give out two menus and that is to let each of you order the food that you like. Let her pick her own food and don’t decide for her right away.
  • She hates if you don’t cuddle. Hold her and protect her. This will make her feel comfortable, protected, and loved.
  • It is awkward for her if you leave her alone with your family. Don’t just leave her behind.
  • If she is opening up to you, it means she trusted you so much that she lets you see her break down. And you’ll make her mad big time if you are not paying attention to it based on Guff.
  • Liking other girls on social media will annoy her and you are just giving her reasons to be insecure and get jealous.
  • NEVER eat their food. Give her more and more foods instead.


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