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Relationship tips and how to make girls jealous.

RELATIONSHIP TIPS – If you are confused with a girl’s intention, here are some ways to make her jealous and eventually ask for your attention.

At one point, jealousy showed insecurity, but behind it, feeling jealous tells something about how much a person is so into you. Arab proverb once said “Love sees sharply; hatred sees even more sharp. But jealousy sees the sharpest — for it is love and hate at the same time.”

Relationship Tips

And now, check out these effective tips to make a girl feel jealous:

  • Compliment Other Girls
    One of the classic moves and yet the most effective as well. No girl ever who wanted to be left out by her man.
  • Flesh to Flesh With Other Girls
    This doesn’t mean you should make out with other girls or do something intimate more than you should. Just a simple touch to other woman in her arm, lower back, or even just bumping your shoulder into her will drive your girl real crazy.
  • Harmlessly Posting Photo Of Other Girls On Social Media
    Girls silently wanted their man to show her off. And if by doing so with another girl, your girl would surely demand more of you.
  • Speak Well About Another Girl In Front Of Her
    Women are so possessive of their respective partner. And if one man happens to have talked well about another girl in front of her, surely, she going to get jealous.
  • Brag Her Of Something You Have Done Without Her
    Women feel responsible of your happiness and for oftentimes, they feel jealous about something that made you happy without her in it. Even merely asking help from another person when she’s in fact can do it will apparently make her go “jelly”.

Meanwhile, here are some don’ts when making her feel jealous as there should be boundaries so as not to start a “war” with her based on Love Panky:

  • kissing another girl
  • completely shutting her out
  • insulting her


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