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Relationship tips on how to make your girl happy.

RELATIONSHIP TIPS – Here are some tips for all men out there as to how they can instantly make their girl happy with these simple facts.

Girls are complicated and often times give their boyfriends hard time to guess whatever is on their mind or if they are having these mood swings so suddenly. And to help the male population, we listed down below some effective things to keep your girl happy.

Relationship Tips

Here are some tips below that every man must read to make their girl happy:

  • Little Surprises
    Chocolates, roses, love notes, love letters, random “I Love Yous”, stuff toys, hugs, kisses, the foods she craved, poems, singing her favorite song or just anything from you is already memorable for her and will surely make her happy. This is because of the fact behind that you remembered her and that is just so thoughtful of you. She’ll love you even more as well and will appreciate your effort and all those nice things.
  • Compliments
    Appreciate her through praising her especially in times she least expected you to do so. It will fill her heart and flutter the butterflies in her stomach. Adore her smile, the way she dressed up, her morning look, her smell, and everything about her as per Love Panky.
  • Quality Time
    Nothing beats memories. Give her time as these will be the moments she will always treasure and remember. In these times you can also listen to each other, talk about random stuff, get lazy with her, and be silly together that will strengthen your bond.
  • Sharing
    Tangible or not, she’ll love to have what you have like the shirts you wear, your jacket and pullovers, and even your secrets because she just simply love you and if you share everything to her including your thoughts, she will surely be happy because it is an indication that she is a part of your life already.
  • Trips and Travels
    Travelling together is a relationship goal you can always show off on your social media but more than that is the memories and the fun times you have shared with her. It will also strengthen the passion and bring back the excitement in your relationship.
  • Words = Actions
    Being true to your words is one way to make her happy and appreciate you even more. Honesty is one of the founding factors to build trust and respect. And men should note that once you have broken her trust, it will not be the same anymore in your relationship.


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