Smoke of Malfunctioning Vape Spread Inside PAL Airplane

Malfunctioning Vape’s Smoke Spread Inside PAL Airplane

SMOKE – The vape’s battery and charger malfunctioned inside Philippine Airlines aircraft. The smoke spread inside the vessel.

Airline passengers have certain obligations to follow. They have to know what not to bring during their flights to secure their safety. Among the most prohibited in aircraft include fireworks, blasting caps, matches, lighters and spray paint among others.

The rules and regulations in planes are cumbersome and ever-changing. That’s the reason why the management has to check every travelers’ things before boarding the aircraft.

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There was an incident recently in the Philippines involving the vape battery and charger of a Philippine Airlines passenger. Based on a report from GMA News, the battery and charger of the vape smoke inside the plane that landed at Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental.

Fortunately, the battery and charger of the vape only malfunctioned after the passengers got out of the air vessel. The management said the cabin crew was quick to halt the smoke from spreading and put down the burning vape.

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 According to the report, no was hurt and destroyed during the incident. All of them were fortunate enough to land before the vape malfunctioned. It would be very terrible if the vape’s battery and charger glitches during their trip.

The management is currently investigating why the vape’s battery and charger malfunctioned considering it was not used during the flight. The device was not included in the list of banned things but after the incident, PAL will review their rules and regulations to avoid incidents like this in the future.

Photo Source: GMA Network

In a previous article, the health authorities are suspecting that vaping and electronic cigarette was the cause of mysterious deaths and lung diseases in the United States.

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