Instagram Facts – Most-Liked Photos On Instagram As Of September 2019

Instagram facts and the most-liked photos as of September 2019.

INSTAGRAM FACTS – Here are the posts on Instagram that made history in the platform for gathering millions of likes as of September 2019.

The social media platform Instagram had since become the channel of everyone to share photos and the shots of the best moments they have had. This platform is where people have access to almost anyone and even celebrities with verified accounts.

And now, here are the most-liked photos of celebrities on Instagram and these are still counting.

See the list below:

  • Kylie and Storm’s matching outfit gathering 11,920,947 likes (as of this posting)
  • Selena Gomez being gorgeous in her red piece with 12,097,748 likes (as of this writing)
  • Kylie Jenner and her “heart” earning 12,260,153 likes (as of this posting)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and his allegiance to Juventus Football Club with 12,268,148 likes (as of this posting)
  • An egg with a crack gathering 12,430,648 likes (as of this posting)
  • Ariana Grande’s tribute to Mac Miller having 12,813,609 likes (as of this posting)
  • Feliz Natal from Ronaldo Family with 12,807,001 likes (as of this posting)
  • Stormi at 1 month having 13,025,283 likes (as of this posting)

“We did it Mr. Stark” post from Tom Holland marking 13,077,985 likes (as of this posting)
  • Justin Beiber’s declaration of love for Hailey Baldwin at 13,455,481 likes (as of this posting)
  • Selena Gomez in Italy making it to 14,312,561 likes (as of this posting)
  • The Rock tied the knot in 14,706,014 likes (as of this posting)
  • XXXTentacion’s last post marking 16,980,730 likes (as of this posting)


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