Alden Richard Says He Dreams To Land International Projects

Alden Richards Says His Biggest Dream is To Go International

ALDEN RICHARDS – The GMA actor and newly crowned Philippine Box Office King said that his ultimate dream is to land a project in Hollywood.

Actor Alden Richards was recently awarded with an Asian Star Prize at the 2019 Seoul International Awards in South Korea. His movie “Hello, Love, Goodbye“, with co-star Kathryn Bernardo, was also declared as the highest selling movie in the history of Philippine Cinema.

He said that he wanted other nations to know that Filipinos are passionate and dedicated about acting. The actor stated that carrying the Filipino name would be much sweeter if that happened.

Alden Richard Says He Dreams To Land International Projects
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His craving to go international was because of his experience at the 2019 Seoul International Awards. The event was held at Kyunghee University.

The awards night was also attended by big names in Korea like Ji Chang Wook, and Jang Na Ra who is popularly known in the Korean drama “The Last Empress”. Alden also took a picture with Korean superstar Kim, whom he describes as very warm and nice.

The actor said that when Filipino talents go to international events, he hopes that they could meet with actors, producers, and directors and have opportunities for collaborations. “It is to make the world of acting bigger for us Filipinos,” Richards stated.

Although there were rumors of Richards switching networks, he proved his loyalty to GMA. In an article posted by the GMA Network, Alden crushed the rumors by having his contract renewed.

Alden Richard Says He Dreams To Land International Projects
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He stated that GMA took a risk with him, giving him so many opportunities. Ever since then, these opportunities keep on coming, the actor said.

Richards said that he never wanted anything more but to stay with the Kapuso network. He believes that loyalty goes a long way, especially to a network like GMA.

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