HEALTH TIPS – Food Combinations Not Good For Your Health

Here are some health tips about these unhealthy food combinations.

HEALTH TIPS – Here are some health tips about these food combinations not good for our health which you probably don’t know yet.

Food is always an essential part of our lives. Eating is probably the best part of living. However, eating alone without monitoring it and excessively doing it might lead to serious effects. And now, here are some combinations that can ruin your health.

Health Tips

See below:

  • Sandwiches with Coffee – Cheese sandwich with coffee loses all the nutritious properties of the cheese. And with instant coffee, there will be no benefit at all but as a healthy replacement, you can pair it with a cup of tea.
  • Tomatoes with Cucumbers – Despite its popularity as combination in salads, the pair can actually disturb the biochemical pathways of the body which can led to swelling and vitamins will never be digested properly.
  • Potatoes with Meat – This pair can accordingly cause heartburn, belching, gas, and among others being stuck in stomach. This is because the starch in potato needs Alkalotic digestive fluids while the meat’s demands acidic component. Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, green beans, or zucchini can be a replacement for tomatoes.
  • Dairies with Pineapple – This pair don’t go well. Sour foods cause slow digestion and pineapple has Bromelain, an enzyme complex that’s when combined with dairy products can cause intoxication and can make milk to curdle.
  • Milk with Banana -This combination may disturb digestion process and sleep pattern. It could also cause imbalances based on Bright Side due to the various flavors that make digestive system confuse.


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