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What are the secrets behind the Disney story Beauty and the Beast?

DISNEY STORY – Here are some secrets and details about the classic tale “Beauty And The Beast” which you don’t know yet.

“Beauty And The Beast” is an old tale of a beautiful girl who fell in love with a prince and cursed to be a Beast who captured her in his castle. Well, they fell in love with each other but before they lived happily ever after, they stood through the test of time and the odds of their love.

Disney Story

Now, behind the classic are secrets to which some of might have not known yet and here are some of it:

  • A love story similar to this fairy tale exists and this is between Petrus Gonsalvus, who suffered from a genetic condition known as hypertrichosis (also known as Ambras syndrome) and Catherine who met each other for the first time on their wedding day. They’ve had seven children where four have the same condition as their father and were given away as pets and the other three was normal. They were together for more than 40 years until they both died.
Disney Story
  • Gaston is supposed to be saved in his fall according to the original line of story but will still meet his end by eaten alive by the wolves lurking outside the castle gates.
  • Glen Keane is the artist who created the Beast which had his features from the mane of a lion, the head of a buffalo, the brow of a gorilla, the body of a bear, the tail and hind legs of a wolf, and the tusks of a wild boar.
Disney Story
  • Robby Benson — the voice of Beast and Paige O’Hara as the voice of Belle.
  • The name of the Beast in the film is Prince Adam which was mentioned at the last part.


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