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Check out these Disney facts about its princesses below!

DISNEY FACTS – Here are some facts about Disney and their princesses that not everyone have noticed. Number 4 will shock you!

Growing up, stories from Disney about fairy tales and their princesses are our absolute addiction where we dream to be like them and to have their very dreamy life. However, beautiful as it may seem, these Disney princesses actually have secrets that not everyone have known and will probably blow your mind!

Disney Facts

Find out below:

  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast as one of the most unique Disney character. Based on real life story of Petrus Gonsalvus, a prince with a rare disease who married Belle who is Catherine in real life. Their first meeting was their wedding day but they shared over 40 years together. They had seven children but for of them suffered the same disease from their father and when they got older, they were sold off as pets. Quite tragic, right?
  • Elsa of Frozen was actually plotted as the villain of the story but the flow of the story went a turn around and turned Elsa as an empowering princess because of the song “Let It Go”.
  • Cinderella is Walt Disney’s top favorite princess and we can see it through the castle in logo of Disney and the castle in the animated film being the same. However, in the original story from the Grimm Brothers, her biological father is also cruel to her and her real name is Aschenputtel. Her makeover was not granted by a fairy godmother but a magical tree which herself planted on her mother’s grave.
  • Snow White is the youngest Disney princess and the only princess to have her name on the Walk Of Fame. There were those who believed, meanwhile, that Snow White is real and that is Margarete Von Waldeck, a German countess, whose had similar story to that of the Disney princess. She died at 21 from being poisoned.
  • Jasmine from Aladdin is the only princess who kissed a villain. Also, Jasmine and Mulan were the only two princesses who wore pants instead of a gown just like the others.
  • Pocahontas story is true and existed in real life. However, the princess is not named Pocahontas and that she is not in love with John Smith. She was captured and when released, married John Rolfe. As she returned to England, she became a symbol of peace. On her way back home, she got ill and passed away at 21 years old.
  • Based on the Grimm’s stories, Rapunzel is from a couple of who stole something from the Witch. Thus, she was locked up in a tower and her hair grew for about 30 feet. Then she met this prince who eventually got her pregnant. But unfortunately, she doesn’t know what was going on until the witch knew it. She was put into desert and had twins. While the prince got blind after falling off from the tower when he was deceived by the witch. Years later, they have found each other and the prince’s blindness was cured through her tears.


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