BRAIN ANEURYSM – Its Characteristics, Causes & Symptoms

Characteristics, Causes & Symptoms of Brain Aneurysm

BRAIN ANEURYSM – Here are the characteristics, causes, and symptoms of this serious health condition.

Visibly, in the past few years, a lot of people lost their lives due to a certain health condition that has caught many individuals unprepared – the Brain Aneurysm. Many faced sudden death because of it.

Brain Aneurysm
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Based on an article on Mayo Clinic, this serious health condition in the brain is characterized by a ballooning in the brain’s blood vessels. The risk is when it leads to rupture which often results to bleeding in the brain.


With regards to the causes of brain aneurysm, they have yet to be directly revealed but there are factors that can trigger it. According to the article, here is a list of the risk factors that often lead to this disease:

  • old age
  • high blood pressure
  • vices
  • family history
  • kidney disease
  • connective tissue disorders


Based on the article, the Brain Aneurysm symptoms depend on whether the bulge is ruptured or not. Here are the lists of the signs indicating each of both health conditions.


  • nausea and vomiting
  • sudden severe headache
  • seizure
  • stiff neck
  • blurred vision
  • drooping eyelids
  • confusion
  • loss of consciousness
  • light sensitivity


  • dilated pupil
  • pain above or behind the eye
  • change in vision
  • numbness on one side of the face

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