Loading/Unloading Zones for UV Express Sought by Transport Group ‘Stop and Go’

TRANSPORT GROUP – Stop and Go is seeking for UV Express loading and unloading zones following the order of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Aside from buses and public jeepneys, other vehicles that widely operate in several areas in the Philippines most especially Luzon are UV Express units.

These units are usually van and they transport passengers between cities and municipalities. Undeniably, a lot of people who don’t have the luxury of time prefer to ride in these units.

However, in the original policy, the UV Express units are only allowed to do the loading and unloading of passengers in their designated terminals. That is what the LTFRB recently stressed.

UV Express
Photo Courtesy of Philstar

The LTFRB released an order mandating the UV Express units not to pick or drop off passengers in between their terminals.

According to the government agency, it is what is stated in their original policy and it will also help in the implementation of traffic rules by the enforcers.

Also, the LTFRB noted that the act of picking or dropping off passengers delay the travel of the units.

To this, a transport group has reacted. Based on a report on GMA News, Stop and Go is seeking for loading and unloading zones for UV Express.

“Para bang nauuso talaga ngayon pahirapan ang mga pasahero,” Stop and Go president Jun Magno told DZMM.

Based on the report, Magno also stressed that the P2P Premium buses were even given their selected loading and unloading zones.

“Bakit hindi natin gawin sa UV?” he said.

Reportedly, the transport group is set to submit a position paper that is against the policy of the LTFRB limiting the loading and unloading of UV Express units at its terminals only.

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