Common Nouns Meaning & the Examples of this Type

Common Nouns

COMMON NOUNS – Below are the meaning and the example of this type of noun and some sample sentences with nouns of this kind. Almost all the parts of speech in English have their kinds and types. For nouns, one of its main types is the Common Nouns. It is best to understand its nature … Read more

Proper Nouns Meaning & the Examples of this Type

Proper Nouns

PROPER NOUNS – You can check the meaning of this type of noun below as well as some of the examples under it. Among the most important basic topics in English are the types of nouns — one of them is the Proper Nouns which has its own nature. Understanding this topic can affect the … Read more

Types Of Nouns With Examples And Definitions

Types Of Nouns With Examples

TYPE OF NOUNS WITH EXAMPLES – These are the different types of nouns and learning each type through the examples given. A noun is a word that identifies a person, place, object, or event. It has various types such as common nouns, proper nouns, concrete nouns, abstract nouns, and among others. Learn about these types … Read more

8 Parts of Speech: The Function of Each & the Examples

8 Parts of Speech

8 PARTS OF SPEECH – Let us go over these eight parts of speech, their functions, and some examples under each. The English subject is a wide one and it is important to start learning and mastering the basic topics before jumping into more complicated ones. You can start with learning the 8 parts of … Read more

Parts of Speech and Their Definition & Examples

Parts of Speech

List of 8 Parts of Speech & their Definition, Examples PARTS OF SPEECH – Here is a list of the eight (8) parts of speech, their definition, and some examples. In English, there are these parts of speech which are often discussed in our elementary and secondary years. They are among the basic components of … Read more