Kris Aquino Post Announcing To Leave Instagram But For How Long?

For how long will Kris Aquino stand by her statements of leaving social media account?

KRIS AQUINO – Social media influencer Kris Aquino announces taking time off from Instagram but netizens have been asking for how long will it last.

For several times already, the media mogul Kris Aquino have announced that she is leaving the social media platform. However, for a brief while, she always comes back with a “fresh and new” persona.

Last 2016, in a previous report, she has also decided to take a leave from social media citing reasons such as resolving her professional and personal issues. It was also that time she is having some problem with her partner then basketball player James Yap.

There were other posts about her announcement about being silence but eventually, after some days, she returns. And once again, just recently, she posted statements again of taking a time off to which has gathered various comments.

According to her post, she doesn’t want to pretend anymore. She wants to stop pretending that she is okay. She confessed she needs to make peace with everything inside her that’s been broken and she will do it privately.

She also added, “I’m sure you’re now making bets on how long this will last, BUT i’m taking control, so my return is up to me, when i’m ready. Sana may mababalikan pa ko. Kung wala, wala pong sisihan.”

Here are some of the controversial comments of the netizens based on an entertainment site:

I’m betting she’ll be back in a week..

Kris Aquino… I dare you to prove it

Ang haba naman ng pamamaalam na yan. Sana mapanindigan na this time. lol

huwag na lang mag-announce, kasi bumabalik din agad. Wala na tuloy naniniwala. Thanks to social media, nabuking na din manipulative ways and style nya. Naging predictable na sya. 

Yeah, right. We’ve heard all that before.

I’m giving it a month LOL.

What can you say about this?

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