Kris Aquino Reveals Reasons Why She Took a Leave from Social Media

One of the country’s most popular actress, TV host and celebrity, Kris Aquino took a leave from social media and she revealed the reasons behind in a lengthy post on her official website at According to Kris Aquino her self-imposed “silence” was made in order for her to resolve some professional as well as personal issues.

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino started her explanation that she has been living 30 years of her life in the public eye remained at home and went to church for thanksgiving. She also revealed that she was sick for three days with fever and then had a bout of hypertension from all stress.

The TV host also revealed that she had a recent misunderstanding with former husband James Yap, father of her son James “Bimby” Yap Jr., but she did not disclose the problems and just stated that for their son’s benefit, they are trying to fix their differences.

Kris Aquino is also back on Instagram now but was conspicuously quiet on social media fro the past two weeks. Before the furlough of Kris Aquino, she is a constant topic on social media for her post on Facebook and her official Instagram account.

Here’s the Complete Reason Why Kris Aquino Took a Leave from Social Media:

“Guess what, the girl who relished living 30 years of her life in the public eye actually felt peaceful keeping to herself. I mostly stayed home, except for going to Church to pray in total surrender and to give my thanksgiving. I was sick for 3 days with fever and then I had a bout of hypertension (158/105) from all my stress. This compelled me to stay in bed, eat very healthy, decompress, and sleep,”

“I am just a bit different, slightly altered, and hopefully improved. At my core I will always be the Kris Aquino you’ve gotten to know over 30 years; when I think of the length of time we’ve engaged in a relationship, I am shocked that more than half of the Philippine population wasn’t even around when you started getting to know me. It does make me confront my mortality, but it also makes me feel exceptionally grateful that you gifted me with longevity and relevance,”

“I was always of the belief that everything was all or nothing, it was either black or white, and there should be no grey areas… Now I realize it is within my capability to filter, and to control myself with what I choose to reveal. A lot of what made you love me and hate me has really come from what I shared with you. I was given a healthy dose of reality, my unique talent has been my ability to converse, to articulate thoughts and feelings, and to engage my audience. I know I am interesting because I wasn’t afraid to open up (okay at times overshare) — I have had such an eventful life that was compelling to take part in vicariously, analyze, discuss, laugh at or cry about, and I know how to tell a story — but those same qualities have also been part of the many times I have fallen and needed my family and my supporters to defend me and lift me up,”

“For those who are experiencing life’s crossroads, I hope that what you read will give you insight and strength. For those of you who wanted to hear from me (in this case read my thoughts) THANK YOU, just thank you for all we have shared and experienced, for the encouragement you give me for today, and the motivation you give me to keep striving for tomorrow,”

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