Cherie Gil Daughter On Cover Of US Magazine Impresses Netizens

Check out Cherie Gil daughter on the cover of a US magazine.

CHERIE GIL DAUGHTER – The daughter of the veteran actress Cherie Gil makes it on the cover of US magazine which impressed a lot of people.

One of the timeless and classic beauties that the entertainment industry ever had is Cherie Gil, a veteran drama actress who is well-loved for her antagonistic portrayals in numerous television series and films.

Cherie Gil has children, the handsome Raphael Rogoff who has already captured numerous of hearts and Bianca Rogoff who is just as gorgeous as her mother.

Her son previously made a loud buzz online because of his undeniable good looks in those chiseled jaw, impressive eyes, tall height like that of a model, and a manly physique. People were then couldn’t help but gush about him on social media.

And just recently, the veteran actress shared a photo of her daughter who ignited a buzz online after making it to the cover an entertainment magazine based in the USA. In an Instagram post, as a proud mother, she has said, “Introducing [Bianca Rogoff] On the cover of SHOWBIZ US mag…”

And now, here are the various reactions of the netizens to this based on an entertainment website:

Bagay sya sa mga kontrabida roles like her mama kasi magaganda sila pero mukhang matataray.

Yung mga anak ni Cherrie Gil ang gagwapo at gaganda. Eto mukhang yung mga artista nung sampaguita time pa, yung di pa uso yung retoke pero talagang magaganda yung mga artista.

Wow she’s gorgeous. Like old hollywood classic glamourous. Reminded me of marlene dietrich.

Classic beauty. With that face and aura, she gives the impression that she’s too good for Philippine showbiz.

What can you say about this?

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