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10:32 AM December 5, 2018

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10:32 AM December 5, 2018

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PBB Otso housemate Karina lambasted online.

PBB OTSO – The Pinoy Big Brother Otso female housemate Karina Bautista was lambasted online after confessing her feelings for Aljon.

In a previous Facebook post, Karina’s boyfriend Christian Gamido Dronio has reacted to the apparent closeness of his girlfriend to a fellow housemate Aljon. He said that it is okay as they have talked things out regarding that matter before she entered the PBB house.

PBB Otso

Photo lifted from PBB Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn

However, in just a previous report, Karina and Aljon have both confessed to Kuya about their feelings towards each other which shocked and brought “kilig” as well to the viewers.

PBB Otso

Karina confessed, “Parang nasasanay na rin ako na kasama ko siya, ganun. Siyempre, Kuya, si Aljon masayahin, lagi kaming nagbi-biruan, ganun. Tapos nagsayaw pa kami. So, parang paminsan kinikilig, Kuya. Tapos parang unti-unti, Kuya, parang, medyo na-ano na kay Aljon, parang sobrang naa-attach… parang nahuhulog na.”

And the netizens did not quite like it considering that she also never kept it a secret that she is in a relationship for four years already. Read some comments from Twitter below:

Iniisip ko yung side nung boyfriend ni karina, ang painful non. Imagine seeing ur gf slowly falling inlove into anotha guy, and u cant do anything, u cant even say a word, or even confront ur gf. Its not the situation that tortures its the feeling of pain that you cant impress.

Karina is praying so damn hard for another boy to stay by her side, while her boyfriend is trying so damn hard to support his girlfriend’s dream but that girl that he loves was slowly breaking his heart into pieces. So insulting, Karina. I’m a bit disappointed tho.

I don’t watch PBB but I really feel sad for Karina’s boyfriend. Yes. They talked about it. Yes. They prepared for it. But that won’t change the fact that 4 years of love get buried by a 3-week fling/infatuation. He’s defending her but he never denied that he wasn’t hurt.

And here’s another statement from Karina’s boyfriend:

PBB Otso

What can you say about this?

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