Cesar Montano Daughter With New Partner Celebrates 1st Birthday

Cesar Montano daughter with new partner surfaces.

The veteran actor Cesar Montano daughter with new partner celebrated her first birthday and their photos have circulated online.

In a previous article, the annulment case of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano marriage have finally been granted by the court. The celebrity ex-couple have three daughters – Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Francheska.


Their marriage did not work due to alleged infidelity of the actor. The actress is currently in a relationship with Macky Mathay of which has nothing wrong to do with the actress’ former husband.


Upon annulment, Cesar Montano expressed, “I believe God allows everything to happen for a purpose. Marriage is one of the most expensive schools of highest learning in life. But more valuable than money is time.”


Meanwhile, Sunshine had these shocking revelations about the actor after their case was granted over her honeymoon nightmares and abuses she had from him in the past.


And now, having their separate lives with their daughters under the custody of the actress, it has been discovered that the veteran actor already had a daughter with his new partner.


It has been found out when an intriguing post from a Facebook post of Ronald Adamat has surfaced saying that he and the actor are now “kumpare” along revelation of a new movie project with him.

The post says:

ATM: Its an honor and privilege. Cesar Montano and I are now kompare. Was invited by him to stand as ninong to his youngest daughter Kristen. We’ve also talked about the proposed movie out of my book entitled, “The Blood Brothers.” If things will be finalized, God willing, after the launching of the book, shooting will start January 2019…it must be historic and educational. The Filipino people deserved to watch this movie. Please help me pray for its realization. Oct 28, 2018.


What can you say about this?

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