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1:32 PM October 3, 2018

in: It's Showtime
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Charo Santos summoned Vice Ganda to her office

It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda was summoned by Charo Santos to her office.

During the recent episode of the Kapamilya noontime show, Vice and co-host Vhong Navarro, were doing an interview with a Tawag ng Tanghalan contestant.

Vice Ganda

(Photo source: @paybeytbenjamin)

When Vice read the letter for the contestant, he jokingly imitated Charo Santos who happens to be the host of the drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya.

“Dear Charo, oh bakit MMK?” Vice said with jest as he started to read the letter.

Charo Santos

(Photo source: @charosantos)

When everyone thought that it was already serious, the comedian jokingly read that the letter was instead sent to Charo.

As the segment continued, one of the members of the production team showed that Vice Ganda received a message from the ABS-CBN Executive.

It turned out, Charo Santos posted on her Instagram Stories which was addressed to the comedian-host.

(screen shot from It’s Showtime video on YouTube)

“Dear Vice, umakyat ka sa office ko para patawanin ako, nagmamahal Charo,” the host read.

Then, he asked if the MMK host really posted that on her IG. Vhong teased Vice about it.

“Punta ka daw sa office niya, patawanin mo siya,” the dancer-host quipped. Vhong added, “lagot ka!”

Charo was apparently watching during that time.

(screen shot from It’s Showtime video on YouTube)

The hilarious act of the the comedian-host did not stop there. He read the letter again with a different version.

“Dear John Mark, palipat na ako sa GMA, nagmamahal Vice Ganda,” he jokingly said and run down the stage.

Jhong Hilario also teased him, “principal’s office ka”. Following that, the comedian said that he did know what to joke anymore.

When Vice was asked what time he will go to the office of Charo, he just said his sweetest smile to the network’s executive.

Watch the video.

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