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4:13 PM September 25, 2018

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4:13 PM September 25, 2018

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Letter from Malacañang signed by President Rodrigo Duterte misspelled “Philippines”

President Rodrigo Duterte signed a letter from Malacañang that misspelled “Philippines”.

The letter is addressed to the Senate to consider the Security of Tenure Bill as certified urgent. It aims to end the illegal contractualization in the country.

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The letter elaborated the bill’s description:

“An Act Strengthening the Security of Tenure of Workers, Amending for the Purpose Article 106, 107, 108, and 109 of Book III, and Article 249 [279], 295 [280], 296 [281], and 297 [282] of Book VI of Presidential Decree No. 442, as amended, otherwise known as the ‘Labor Code of the ‘Phillipines’

Obviously, it misspelled the name of the country and the Chief Executive signed it.

Rodrigo Duterte

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Senator Joel Villanueva was the one who first shared a copy of the letter on his Twitter account. He lauded the President for urging the Senate regarding this matter.

Philippines misspelled

(Photo source: Radyo Inquirer)

However, former Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda noticed that “Philippines” was misspelled in the letter.

(Photo source: Radyo Inquirer)

Lacierda emphasized that “Philippines” was misspelled as “Phillipines”.

“Oh the depths of the wisdom and knowledge of the Palace. Must we be so reckless as to even murder the spelling of the Philippines? Cry the beloved country!” the former Presidential Spokesperson wrote.

Several netizens also slammed the letter on the Twitter post of Lacierda.

Twitter user @magentablu said that there should be a proofreader in  Malacañang while Twitter user @PatrioticPinoys pointed out that MS Word already has an auto correct so how can someone misspell the name of the country.

Furthermore, a netizen commented on the post of Radyo Inquirer that the document is invalid. This is for the reason that it has a misspelled word.

“Void ab initio yan kasi wala namang Phillipines na bansa, Philippines meron,” Twitter user @RodDeLeon said.

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