Erik Santos Reveals Worst Rumor About Him & How He Handled It

This is how Erik Santos handled the worst rumor about him

Singer Erik Santos, tagged as the ‘King of OPM Theme Songs’, revealed the worst rumor about him.

In his entire career since he started in a singing contest ‘Star In A Million’, there was one intrigue about him that he did not let it pass.

Rumor is part of the life of celebrities. There are those who are making up stories about them to destroy their credibility. Sometimes, their detractors just want to piss them off.

Erik Santos
(Photo source: @eriksantos IG)

Being in the world of entertainment industry in the Philippines, the balladeer is also prone in this kind of situation.

According to Erik, someone wrote a malicious post about him, based on the article published in the Entertainment section of Inquirer.

Aside from that, the person also insulted his family. In order to address this matter, the Kapamilya singer filed a case against the source of the rumor.

When it comes to his bashers, Erik Santos said he does not mind them. He added that he is not fond of reading comments on social media.

“I’ve learned to choose my battles,” he pointed out.

Undeniably, he has been through a lot from the time when he was just striving for his spot now until he reached the stardom.

When asked his theme song in life for all the things he has been through, the singer said it is his winning piece ‘This Is The Moment’.

“It’s the most requested song in my singing engagements. It’s mandatory that I sing it,” he shared.

That winning moment for him served as his most memorable milestone because that was the time when he knew that his dreams will going to be a reality.

After 15 years, Erik Santos learned to seize every opportunity he has in his career, based on the article.

“You always have to seize every moment because nothing is permanent. I also learned to be grateful for everything that happens to me,” he said.

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