Kris Aquino: “No way will I ever became a (corrupt, lazy, money grabbing Asian)”

Kris Aquino says no to being a corrupt politician.

The multi-media Queen Kris Aquino reacts after commended for staying on top as the only consistent individual top taxpayer in the Philippines.

Kris Aquino has never bragged about her multi-million contracts and expensive and luxurious things but rather showing it for it to become an inspiration to people based on a previous article.

With her wealth and the clan she has come from, everyone was asking her if she wanted to pursue a political career. But Aquino has always made it clear that it won’t be possible due to the contracts she signed from her endorsements.

And recently, on Instagram, she was praised for being a consistent taxpayer.

Kris Aquino

“You may hate her guts but [Kris Aquino] is paying her taxes! Among the affluent and influential families in the Philippines, she’s the only consistent individual top taxpayer,” Mon Abrea wrote in his post.

He then added, “So to all bashers and haters, make sure you’re paying taxes before you say a word. At least, Kris is among the #CrazyRichAsians not one of the #CorruptRichAsians.”

To which has then gathered a lengthy response from the Queen of All Media.

“Just to be prudent- [I] religiously pay my taxes-because it is part of my Catholic, bible based fath. My mom legally emancipated me when [I] was 15 so what [I] earned wouldn’t be reflected on her,” Kris initially wrote in the comment section of the particular post.

She further noted, “I also know wealth is relative- but [I’m] at a very far distance from being ‘crazy rich'”.

Kris Aquino

Aquino admitted then that she has this weakness in for nice clothes, makeup, shoes & watches, thus, she makes sure of having an investment fund.

Also, she is working hard for her two sons and that they all love to travel.

“You have my solemn work- [I] have worked for more than 30 years, and no way will [I] ever became a (corrupt, lazy, money grabbing Asian) if & when politics is part of my dest,” she said.

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