Andi Eigenmann Reveals Reason Behind Breakup With Emilio Arambulo

Why did Andi Eigenmann and Emilio Arambulo break up?

ANDI EIGENMANN – Returning actress Andi Eigenmann revealed the reason behind her split with her non-showbiz ex-boyfriend Emilio Arambulo.

Actress Andi Eigenmann had a two-year relationship with non-showbiz surfer Emilio Arambulo. Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose, the mother of Andi, has previously expressed support on the relationship of her daughter with the non-showbiz surfer.

However, recently, many were surprised when Andi revealed that she and Emilio have broken up based on a report. According to her, she is single now by choice.

Andi Eigenmann has left the limelight when she gave birth to Ellie, her daughter with her former boyfriend Jake Ejercito. It has been a while since she was last seen on television. Aside from being a mother to Ellie, she also gave time to her advocacy which is to help in saving the ocean.

Meanwhile, lots of fans and supporters of Andi Eigenmann are excited to see her on the big screen again. She has an upcoming movie entitled The Maid in London.

Based on a recent report, speaking to at the premiere of her new movie, the 28-year-old actress revealed the reason behind her split with Emilio Arambulo. According to her, they wanted “different things”.

The actress stressed that nothing wrong happened and it is just that they are in the point in their lives wherein they want different things.

“We’re only so young, so it’s okay to be that way,” she expressed.

Based on the report, Andi Eigenmann and Emilio Arambulo are still “good friends” and they love each other so much. She also shared that her then-boyfriend still send text messages to her daughter Ellie. The surfer also asks permission to the actress if he could see her six-year-old daughter.

What can you say about this?

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