Andi Eigenmann Reveals She, Emilio Arambulo Have Broken Up

Andi Eigenmann Currently Single By Choice

ANDI EIGENMANN – Returning actress Andi Eigenmann revealed that she and surfer Emilio Arambulo have broken up.

Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose’s daughter Andi Eigenmann now has a daughter named Ellie. Based on a report, she is her daughter with her former boyfriend Jake Ejercito, the son of former Philippine President and now Manila Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada.

Jake and Andi had a conflict before but they have managed to set aside their differences and fulfill their duties as parents to Ellie. Both of them are close to their daughter and many were impressed by how much they visibly love her.

Previously, Andi Eigenmann confirmed her relationship with surfer Emilio Arambulo. The former’s mom Jaclyn Jose has also expressed her support for the relationship of her daughter with the surfer.

Emilio Arambulo, Andi Eigenmann
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However, recently, Andi Eigenmann revealed that she and Emilio Arambulo have broken up already.

Based on a recent report in Pep, speaking at the interview after the press conference for the film Maid in London, Andi expressed that she is single and she does not have a partner now.

“Happily single-yes, by choice,” she stressed.

Based on the report, Andi Eigenmann and Emilio Arambulo were together for two years. Both of them are into surfing. It was reportedly on April 9 when the actress last posted her photo with her non-showbiz then-partner.

With regards to the reason behind their split, Andi has yet to speak about it. Currently, she is making a comeback on her showbiz career after a temporary break to fulfill her mommy duties and to help save the ocean.

MJ Marfori of TV5 has reportedly posted a video of the press’ interview with Andi Eigenmann on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

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