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2:55 AM May 16, 2018

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2:55 AM May 16, 2018

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Is John Lloyd Cruz not returning to Home Sweetie Home anymore?

HOME SWEETIE HOME – Actress-singer Toni Gonzaga’s character in Home Sweetie Home bid the character played by John Lloyd Cruz ‘so long’.

When Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz decided to take an indefinite leave, he has an ongoing show with actress-singer Toni Gonzaga, the Home Sweetie Home which is a situational comedy show that airs every Saturday.

In the said sitcom, Toni plays as ‘Julie’, the wife of Romeo, the character played by John Lloyd. The show has continuously aired for several years already and among the other casts are Sandy Andolong, Rico J. Puno, Miles Ocampo, and Clarence Delgado.

The Home Sweetie Home is not the first project where Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz are the lead stars. They have also previously worked together in the Star Cinema film My Amnesia Girl.

Home Sweetie Home Casts

Photo lifted from Philstar

When John Lloyd Cruz took an indefinite leave causing his absence on the show, Kapamilya actor-singer Piolo Pascual joined the casts of Home Sweetie Home. He plays the character of John Paul ‘JP’ Valentino, the cousin of Romeo.

Meanwhile, based on a report, Piolo made it clear that he is not taking away the show from John Lloyd. He also expressed that he joined the show as he will be working with Toni. The two celebrities are visibly good friends even behind the camera.

Due to the absence of John Lloyd Cruz, the writers of Home Sweetie Home had to come up with a plot explaining why Romeo is not physically present in the ongoing episodes of the sitcom based on ABS-CBN News’ report.

John Lloyd Cruz

Photo lifted from Cebu Daily News

Julie previously opened up to JP about her plan to have her marriage with Romeo annulled. According to the report, in the latest episode of the show, Toni’s character showed more conviction and acceptance to go solo and move forward.

Her family and friends including JP help her with her new restaurant and she realized that life is still happy even though she is alone now.

“Masaya pa rin ang buhay kahit mag-isa, kasi dito sa aming home sweetie home, napapaligiran ako ng mga taong nagpapasaya sa akin araw-araw.”

Toni Gonzaga

Instagram/Toni Gonzaga

Based on the report, the character of the Home Sweetie Home actress bid ‘so long’ to her husband in the story as she came up with a ‘hugot’ menu to invite customers to her new restaurant.

“I’m alone but not lonely, kaya so long ex dahil solo na ako… So longganisa!”

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