LOOK: Moira dela Torre Reacts To Speculations That She’s Pregnant

Is Moira dela Torre pregnant?

MOIRA DELA TORRE – Filipina singer and songwriter Moira dela Torre reacted to the speculations that she is pregnant.

It was only recently when couple Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin Hernandez revealed that they are officially engaged with each other. The former is now one of the prominent singers in the Philippine music industry.

A clip of the engagement of Moira and Jason was shown in the music video Tagpuan. Lots of people were surprised upon seeing the middle part of the music video wherein he delivered a heartfelt speech to his girlfriend and brought out the box containing the ring. Photos and videos of them even go trending on social media.

Lots of people do not only admire Moira dela Torre’s voice but as well as the kind of relationship that she has with her boyfriend Jason Marvin. Both of them are visibly devoted believers of God.

Jason Marvin, Moira Dela Torre
@jasonmarvinph IG

Based on a report, after the engagement, Moira dela Torre’s boyfriend took to his social media account a series of heart-melting posts according to the report. In one of his posts, he stated that he has been searching for the ‘one’ all his life and he did not know that she’s been his best friend.

In another post, Jason Marvin thanked praised God for His goodness and thanked Him for his “Moi”.

Jason Marvin, Moira Dela Torre
@jasonmarvinph IG

Meanwhile, recently, on her social media account, Moira dela Torre posted a photo of a tabloid report entailing that there are people who speculated that she is pregnant based on her photo during her engagement.

Moira dela Torre
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The singer-songwriter had a light and cool reaction to the speculations. In her caption, she stated that she is just “chubbs” or chubby. She wrote in the photo that she will go on a diet. She also teased her fiance that he looks more pregnant.

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