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Breaking News: List of Canceled Flights Today, April 16

Airport Authorities Announce Two Canceled Flights

CANCELED FLIGHTS – Two flights have reportedly been canceled today due to the bad weather.

The weather is a big factor that may affect the travel regardless of the mode you are taking. When it is not good, it may affect the safety of the travel and as well as the travelers whether it is a land trip, a boat trip, or a plane travel that is why certain cancelations sometimes really have to happen.

Two flight cancelations were recently posted due to the bad weather. Based on a recent report in GMA News, the Manila International Airport Authority has announced the cancelation of two flights today, April 16, 2018, due to the bad weather condition.

The flights canceled due to the bad weather is bound to Basco from Manila and vice versa.

Canceled Flights

Based on the report, here is the list of flights canceled by the airport authorities due to the bad weather:


  • DG 6009: Manila-Basco
  • DG 6010: Basco-Manila
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