Edward Barber Reacts To Possibility Of Maymay Entrata Wearing Bikini For Summer

Will Edward Barber allow Maymay Entrata to wear a bikini for summer?

EDWARD BARBER – The Kapamilya young actor Edward Barber reacts to the possibility of Maymay Entrata wearing a bikini for the summer season.

Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata are just two of the lucky housemates from the reality show Pinoy Big Brother groomed to stardom and be a love team.

Maymay and Edward are collectively called “MayWard”.

As a love team, aside from acting, they also became endorsers of McDonalds, Bench (Philippine clothing brand), Vivo Smartphone, and Ariel.




One of the factors probably on why they became successful as a love team is due to the friendship that they have built while inside the big brother house.

Being a love team, as much as everyone is probably aware of, is that it requires chemistry, friendship, talents, a good working relationship, and more.




Thus, their team-up took the country and the people by storm.

They have the same roots upon entering the show business, level of sense of humor, both can sing and act, and they were good friends.

Thus, when someone asked Edward if Maymay is allowed to wear a one-piece or two-piece if going to the beach, his answer is, “i wouldnt be to happy but shes her own woman! she can make her own choices but i dont approve rude comments about her or others either. respect everyone and everyone will respect you;)”

To which has made the netizens be impressed of him because of his response and could not help but agree.

One netizen even indicated in the comments, “Woah this boy! Why do I find this so sweet! Such a fine young man. You are blessed ! Wag mo na pakawalan gurl!!!”

What can you say about this?

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