Iya Villania’s Statement Following Unexpected Experience Inside A Mall

‘Chika Minute’ Host Iya Villania Still Optimistic

IYA VILLANIA – Chika Minute host Iya Villania revealed her optimistic side amidst the recent unexpected incident that she experienced inside a mall.

Celebrity couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano now have a son named Primo. The two celebrities, just like other parents who love and are really fond of their kids, usually share photos and videos of their little one on social media.

Many of the celebrity couple’s followers are also fond of watching cute Primo’s videos and photos. His photos and videos never fail to charm netizens on social media. However, recently, Primo’s mom was not able to post videos of her son online.

Based on a report, Iya Villania revealed that her phone got stolen while they were in a toy store. The actress-TV host left her phone inside the pocket of the stroller of her son.

Iya Villania
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Iya Villania claimed that there were actually four people who worked together to get her phone. Three girls allegedly distracted the people working in the toy store while the man did his thing to get the phone from the stroller’s pocket.

There was a CCTV inside the toy store that is why the actress-TV host got the chance to see the face of the person who took her phone. Meanwhile, Iya Villania still looks on the brighter side despite losing her possession.

Iya Villania
@iyavillania IG
Iya Villania, Primo
@iyavillania IG

Based on a recent report in Pep, at the press conference of Lip Sync Battle Philippines‘ third season, the actress-TV host expressed that she felt relieved when she finally saw what happened through the CCTV as she wondered if she lost her phone or she placed it somewhere.

“I did put it away sa stroller ko. Kasalanan ko. But at least, alam ko kung paano siya nawala,” she said.

Iya Villania expressed uncertainty on whether the one who took her phone while she was with her son in a Mandaluyong mall knew that it belongs to her considering that she is a TV personality and she works in the media. She remained optimistic amidst the unexpected incident.

“Maybe that’s why God allowed for it to happen para makalabas… Siguro hanggang doon lang at hindi yung anak ko ang nawala,” she said.

Based on the report, the actress-TV host has no idea if the people involved in the taking of her possession would be caught. Meanwhile, she stressed that the positive thing is that other people and mothers are more aware and careful in going to malls.

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