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10:46 AM January 12, 2018

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10:46 AM January 12, 2018

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Video Of This Woman Wouldn’t Let The Train Leave Until Her Husband Comes Goes Viral

The video footage of this woman who wouldn’t leave the train to leave until her husband comes goes viral in the social media.

Nowadays, riding a train is one of the most common methods of transportation not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world.

However, commuters could encounter troubles, hassles, and bad experiences along the train upon commuting.


Arrogant and rude commuters are some of the main factors for hassles and delays on the train like what a Chinese woman did on the train.

The Facebook page “South China Morning Post” has uploaded a video of a Chinese woman who wouldn’t let the last train leave so her husband could board.

In the video, it can be seen that the woman was blocking the train’s entrance, which prompted the officials to confront her asking her whether she will get in or get off the high-speed train.


The woman causes a delay for other train passengers who were in a hurry as she urges the officers of the train station to wait for her husband.

However, the officers can’t grant her request because other passengers would not agree.

Woman stops train because husband's late

This woman in China wouldn't let a train leave so that her husband could board. It got rowdy.Source : AP/Newsflare

Posted by South China Morning Post on Thursday, January 11, 2018

The video clip garnered different reactions from the social media users:

Michelle Chuchin Sim: “what are they doing? this is high speed train….they will really crash if the train is not departing on time…..why not just pull her away…so many men and only a woman….the authority has the right to stop the passenger…”

Miranda Edwards: “Why can’t she get OFF the train and wait for her husband ?? Even if this is the last train, and that she wanted to stay with her husband, she should have just got off. Only non-civilized ones would behave that way. Extremely DISGRACEFUL !!!!!”

Mata Independen: “ China can do just about anything, you mention it, they can send men to the moon, make high speed train, etc. one thing they can not do : make their people civilized. What a shame !”

Lovely Angela: “This is called selfish women. She dont care about other just think about herself. Shud get punish. Upset to see it”

Antoine Dubuc: “The thing is, this lady might be the wife of someone with enough power to get the security guard fired. Such is the situation in a country without proper Rule of Law.”

Lynn Lv: “OMG,I feel nervous for her action, in case the next train coming and have a crash, terrible, she is an idiot.”

Chun Zi Lee: “They were all men why cant hold her tight and pull out from the door train and close the door,,finishshes not just the only passenger duh”

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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