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4:21 PM December 16, 2017

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4:21 PM December 16, 2017

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Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Gives Christmas Bonus To Traffic Enforcers, Street Sweepers

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio gives gift packs and Christmas bonuses to the traffic enforcers and street sweepers.

On Friday (December 15, 2017), Sara Duterte has attended the Christmas Party at Davao City Recreation Center and led the distribution of gift packs and Christmas bonuses.

The Christmas bonuses amounting P2, 000 was given to each traffic enforcers, street sweepers, garbage collectors, members of Bantay Dagat and Canal Brigade.

Sara Duterte

Aside from the P2, 000 Christmas bonus, the traffic enforcers and street sweepers of Davao City will receive another bonus, according to Inday Sara.

“Sila ang mga empleyado ng city government na napakahirap ng trabaho. Naglilinis sila ng kanal, kumukuha ng basura. Naiinitan, nauulanan ang mga traffic enforcer. So mayroon tayong maliit na ekstrang binigay sa kanila ngayong Pasko, bukod sa natanggap nila,” Sara Duterte said quoted by ABS-CBN.

However, the Davao City mayor did not give further details and information regarding the amount that will be given to the traffic enforcers and street aids on their bonus.

Sara Duterte

Jerry Coronica, one of the members of drainage department said they are not ashamed of their job, instead, they are proud because the government gives them value.

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